In Pilates Lab we provide a pleasant and quiet space in the heart of Madrid in which to train your body and relax your mind. You are the most important thing for us, and our principal goal is that you should achieve the best possible results.

We offer a different, multidisciplinary concept of physical training that covers a variety of conscious movement and intelligent training techniques. By training with us you will be able to reach optimum fitness, regain or achieve movement efficiency and restore your muscle balance.

That’s why we provide you with a great variety of classes and activities that you can combine according to your own specific preferences and goals. You can either choose fully personalized training designed by a personal trainer or, if you prefer, you can join a small group of four to six people, depending on the activity.

You can sign up for just one activity or you can combine several different activities. Although the minimum recommended frequency is two classes per week, you can take as many classes as you wish.

Our task is to guide and assess you, so we always conduct an introductory assessment class that features both an interview and a practical class. During this initial contact, we evaluate both your physical shape and your goals, so that we can advise you as to what is best for you.

We offer the following activities:

For more information about our prices and studio hours, call us at 914451952 or send us an email